About Us

Baraka is a market leader in the supply of chemicals in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets. It was established in the year 2000. The company developed and strengthened its position by importing high-quality chemicals from major international producing companies and providing them at the best and highest prices to its customers in the Egyptian market and the Middle East. In addition, the company seeks suitable solutions to meet the needs of the industrial sectors it serves, as well as to compete with major companies involved in the distribution of raw materials and chemicals in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets
The list of industries/sectors that the company serves includes factories and workshops for manufacturing all types of fiberglass products, petrochemical factories, various plastic product factories, cables, paints and inks industries, waterproofing industries, and various other industries, We also have agencies that supply distinguished metal and plastic packingĀ  of various types, shapes, and specifications that meet the highest international standards, and all of this makes Baraka the most suitable and best option to meet all of its customers' needs in all sectors it serves in Egypt and the Middle East