why us

  • Because Baraka is able to achieve the highest levels of excellence in the field of supplying a wide range of chemicals and production requirements by importing them from major international producing companies and ,then supplying them to their customers in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets.
  • Because Baraka supplies an extensive selection of high-quality products that serve a wide range of industrial sectors.
  • Because Baraka is concerned with balancing the right price with the highest levels of product quality.
  • Because Baraka provides an integrated chemical delivery service that includes the entire supply chain, from import and shipment to customs clearance and delivery at the customer site.
  • Because Baraka has a reputation for providing technical after-sales service, which includes technical staff visiting customers to solve problems and respond to inquiries with the highest level of quality and excellence, as well as organizing regular technical discussion sessions to introduce customers to everything new in the world of industrial chemicals.
  • Because Baraka's policies and values are based on customer trust and sincerity in dealing, and because it regards its customers as partners, care must be taken to meet their desires in the best possible way and performance, with a high level of services and products, and in accordance with international quality standards.
  • Because Baraka operates specialized warehouses all over Egypt, it is able to serve its customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Because Baraka is in the process of expanding by setting up branches in several Middle Eastern and African countries, so the communication between Baraka and its customers in those countries will be facilitated.
  • Because Baraka has the ability to import any chemicals, additives, or supplies for industries required by its customers in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa.